Our Case Studies

Case Study: Enhancing Operational Efficiency and Market Expansion for KnowYourBones, Australia & NZ

Client: KnowYourBones, Australia

Project Overview:

Antlia was enlisted by KnowYourBones, an Australia-based client, to provide ongoing support and enhancements for their pre-existing application. The core objective was to ensure seamless operation, optimize performance, and prepare the application for market expansion into New Zealand.

Key Tasks Undertaken:

  1. Application Support:

    • Provided continual support for the already developed application, addressing real-time operational challenges.

  2. Bug Fixes and Client-Requested Modifications:

    • Executed routine tasks involving bug fixes and incorporating client-requested modifications to improve application functionality and user experience.

  3. Microsoft Azure Administration:

    • Administered the Microsoft Azure environment to ensure optimal performance, security, and scalability of the application.

  4. SQL Query Optimization:

    • Optimized SQL queries to enhance the database performance, thereby improving the application's response time and overall efficiency.

  5. Market Expansion Preparedness:

    • Prepared the application for entry into the New Zealand market by implementing access control and data segregation based on geographical jurisdictions. This ensures that teams operating in different countries have access to data strictly within their respective jurisdictions.

Ongoing Collaboration:

The project continues under the vigilant support service agreement with Antlia, ensuring that KnowYourBones' application remains robust, efficient, and ready for market expansion challenges.


The collaborative efforts between Antlia and KnowYourBones have significantly contributed towards maintaining a high-performance application, ready for market expansion. The successful administration and optimization tasks have laid a strong foundation for KnowYourBones to extend its services into new geographical markets with confidence.

The continuous support and enhancements provided by Antlia play a pivotal role in KnowYourBones' journey towards achieving operational excellence and market growth.

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Case Study: Advancing Fishing Trade Efficiency through Blockchain Innovation at Patriot Fishers, USA

Client: Patriot Fishers

Project Overview:

Antlia was approached by Patriot Fishers with a primary objective to validate the project idea before initiating the development phase. The central theme was to introduce a blockchain-driven solution for monitoring and ensuring the quality of fish from the point of capture to sale.

Challenges Identified:

During the pre-project analysis, a significant bottleneck was identified - the lack of an efficient equipment system capable of monitoring the quality parameters of the fish throughout the process.

Key challenges included:

  • Limited selection of equipment manufacturers.

  • The chosen manufacturer had the required technical specifications, but their data was accessible only through their proprietary software with no provision for integration with third-party software.

Solutions Deployed:

Application Prototypes and User Journey Maps were developed to address these challenges:

  1. Buyer's Application:

    • This application was crafted to enable buyers to familiarize themselves with auction lots, participate in auctions, and, with an upgraded subscription, purchase lots before auction commencement.

    • Features like balance replenishment and a notification system were incorporated to alert buyers about upcoming auctions, display statistics on past auctions, and provide insights on current auction targets.

  2. Seller's Application:

    • This application facilitated sellers in providing exhaustive information regarding the catch right from the moment of capture.

    • It was designed to calculate a quality index for each lot based on multiple parameters like storage temperature, freezing rate, and catch location.

    • Sellers could manage auctions through the application by setting initial prices for lots, initiating auctions, and accessing statistics on auction progress, unsold lots, and interest levels towards specific lots among auction participants.


The conceptualization and preliminary solutions provided by Antlia validated the project idea for Patriot Fishers and laid a solid foundation for the subsequent development phase. The comprehensive applications designed to cater to both buyers and sellers promise a transformation in the fishing trade industry by ensuring quality, transparency, and efficient transactions.

Antlia continues to collaborate with Patriot Fishers to further refine and deploy these technological solutions, aiming to revolutionize the traditional fishing trade dynamics and ensure an optimized and transparent marketplace for both buyers and sellers.

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Case Study: Enhancing Application Efficiency and Security for Compass, Australia

Client: Compass, Australia

Project Overview:

Compass, an Australian client, engaged Antlia for maintaining and enhancing their pre-existing application. The overarching goal was to ensure the application's smooth operation, improve its performance, and transition towards cost-effective and secure solutions.

Key Tasks Undertaken:

  1. Application Support:

    • Provided ongoing support for the existing application, addressing operational needs and ensuring uninterrupted service.

  2. Bug Fixes and Client-Requested Modifications:

    • Regularly carried out bug fixes and implemented client-requested modifications to refine application functionality and user experience.

  3. Microsoft Azure Administration:

    • Administered the Microsoft Azure infrastructure to guarantee optimal application performance and security.

  4. SQL Performance Optimization:

    • Optimized the performance of SQL queries to enhance database responsiveness and overall application efficiency.

  5. Transition to Open Source Solutions:

    • Eliminated dependencies on paid libraries by migrating to free Open Source alternatives, achieving cost-effectiveness without compromising on functionality.

      • Migrated from SyncFusion to alternative solutions for generating PDF reports.

      • Transitioned from KendoUI to React for improved user interface development.

  6. SSL Certificate Automation:

    • Transitioned from paid SSL certificates to automated issuance of LetsEncrypt certificates, ensuring secure connections while reducing operational costs.

  7. Security Audit and Recommendations:

    • Conducted a thorough security audit to identify potential vulnerabilities, followed by providing robust recommendations for mitigating security issues.

Ongoing Collaboration:

The project continues to thrive under the support contract with Antlia, which ensures that the application remains resilient, efficient, and secure against evolving challenges.


The collaboration between Antlia and Compass has led to a significant enhancement in the application's performance, security, and cost-efficiency. The migration towards open-source solutions and the implementation of secure, automated processes not only reduced operational costs but also fortified the application against potential security threats. This ongoing partnership underscores Antlia's commitment to providing sustainable, secure, and efficient solutions, aiding Compass in achieving its operational goals with confidence.

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